November 5, 2019 | Dayton, OH | Sinclair Community College Conference Center

Leading in the “diversity space” is hard.

There are scant resources, the constant the need to prove business relevance,
and the uphill battle of working to shift embedded practices and company cultures.


Join us as we convene diversity leaders from across the region. This is a gather-to-grow event.
Your attendance and participation don’t just make the event better, they make it work.

We’ll be including all 3 tiers of organizational diversity leadership

- chief diversity officers, directors/managers of diversity, and ERG/BRG leaders -

so that you’ll be able to share challenges and glean knowledge from up and down the organizational hierarchy.

  • agenda: NOvember 5th

  • 9:00 - 9:30: Registration & Breakfast

  • 9:30 - 9:45: Opening & Welcome 

  • 9:45 - 10:15: Opening Keynote - The Work of D&I

  • 10:15 - 11:45: General Session 1: Panel - The Politics of D&I

  • 11:45 - 12:00: Lunch & Keynote: Chris McAlister: Figure that Shift Out

  • 1:00 - 2:30: Breakouts (by track): Content varies by track

  • 2:30 - 3:30: General Session 2: Panel - The Future of D&I

  • 3:30: Event Closing

  • 3:30 on: Open Networking

Attendees will receive a copy of Chris’ book: Figure that Shift Out

Attendees will receive a copy of Chris’ book: Figure that Shift Out


Sinclair Community College Conference Center.

  • 444 W. Third St. Dayton, OH 45402


We will focus learning along 3 tracks:

Chief Diversity Officers

From the need to constantly legitimize the position within the c-suite, to the challenge of accessing and allocating resources for organization-wide work, the struggles of the Chief Diversity Officer are unique to the position. Join CDOs from around the region to share best-practices, hear what’s working, and develop a network of relational support.

Diversity Directors

Directors and Managers of diversity (from supplier to workforce to enrollment to faculty to recruiting) are tasked with “making the work happen,” an enormous ask that comes with significant challenges and institutional barriers. Join leaders from all industries to discuss the realities of practice, policy, and procedure in making diversity “work.”

ERG/BRG Leaders

Often called the “grassroots leaders” of diversity work, ERG/BRG leaders are most often volunteer pied pipers, seeking to lead their peers into affinity and action. The challenges here are clear: getting strong executive support from the “top” and meaningful staff engagement from the “bottom.” Join ERG/BRG leaders for an exploration of leading from the middle.


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session contents

General Session 1


From the real-world political machine, with all of its partisan positioning, to the politics of organizational hierarchies and accountability, to the politicking necessary to secure budgets that align with the responsibilities being outlined, the world of D&I can seem as much about negotiating stakeholder positions and enrolling “votes” as it is about the actual work. Or, perhaps, that is the actual work. This panel will explore, what the politics of D&I look and feel like, and how those realities inform their strategies and execution. Audience Q&A to follow.

Opening Keynote


Why are we all here? Because it’s a job? Because it’s a joy? Perhaps because it’s a juxtaposition of the two? And, just what is it we are trying to accomplish? Is this about ROI, or about social justice? Is it about reflecting our communities, or building the communities we want to be able to live in? The work of D&I is largely about navigating between multiple worlds, sometimes in complement, and sometimes in conflict.

Join our keynote to explore the complex realities of the work of D&I.

General session 2


As D&I leaders, many of us have spent time and energy articulating the evolution of diversity & inclusion across U.S. corporate and social history. We’ve unfolded its development from AA, to EO, to D&I. And, it is so important to effectively position this work in the context of the past. But where is D&I going in the future? Who is at the bleeding edge of this work, shaping its next iteration, crafting the strategy, language, and look? This panel will cast their visions for what the work of diversity & inclusion could, and should, look like.

Lunch Keynote


As a leadership speaker and author, Chris McAlister coaches from the intersection of ancient wisdom and the modern science of performance. He’s authored 5 books, spoken to thousands, and currently works with executives and founders on creating and shifting cultures.

Chris will spend time exploring compelling ways to “Figure That Shift Out,” giving us new ways to think about becoming self and culture shifters.

All conference attendees will receive Chris’ book, Figure That Shift Out. Book signing to follow keynote.

Breakout sessions


TRACK 1: Chief Diversity Officers

This track is for those with the CDO title, or VP’s and SVP’s with significant D&I responsibilities.

TRACK 2: Managers and Directors of D&I

This track is for those in HR, learning and develop, and D&I roles that oversee teams and work.

TRACK 3: ERG/BRG/Affinity Leaders

This track is for those who work in the D&I space within their organizations but do not carry an organizational title as such.

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